Ken Trethewey

Dr Ken Trethewey is a retired marine engineer specialising in corrosion and materials engineering. Based in Cornwall UK, he has written books about corrosion engineering, lighthouses and jazz. When he is not pursuing his interest of pharology, he now operates his own publishing business, Jazz-Fusion Books.

Ken's latest project is a series of books on Pharology. It will fulfil a lifetime ambition. Whilst there are many beautiful books about modern lighthouses, there is no definitive work on Pharology. Ken intends to fill this void. His first volume is called, "Ancient Lighthouses And Other Lighted Aids To Navigation" and is now available from Amazon or via the Jazz-Fusion Books Website. It is the first work of its kind to fully analyse the origins of lighthouses.

In 2014, Ken published a book by Gerard Taylor entitled, "But For Ireland, I'd Not Tell Her Name." Lavishly illustrated with Gerard's beautiful art, the story blends the history of the Irish people during the times of trouble with a touching story of love and folklore in the region of Lismore in Co. Waterford. The book is available from your local Amazon website (search under Gerard Taylor) or the Art section of the Jazz-Fusion Books Webstore.

Ken can be contacted at

or by mail at: Dr Ken Trethewey, Gravesend Cottage, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL11 2LX, UK


Pharology (The Study of Lighthouses)

Ancient Lighthouses And Other Lighted Aids to Navigation


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Books about Corrosion Engineering:

Corrosion for Science and Engineering by K R Trethewey and J Chamberlain (1988, 1995) Currently available from publishers Prentice Hall, ISBN 978-0582238695, sold by Amazon on-line.

Books about Lighthouses:

Ancient Lighthouses by Ken Trethewey (2018)

The Keepers by Ken Trethewey (2011)

North Atlantic Lighthouses by Jean Guichard and Ken Trethewey (2002)

Books about Jazz available in paper and download formats from Amazon. Full details on the website Jazz-Fusion Books:

Jazz-Fusion: Blue Notes and Purple Haze by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (2nd edn. 2016)

John McLaughlin: The Emerald Beyond by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (3rd edn. 2016)

Pat Metheny: The Way Up Is White by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (2nd edn. 2012)

Herbie Hancock: Blue Chip Keyboardist by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (2010)

Miles Davis: Dark Prince by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (2011)

Weather Report: Electric Red by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (2012)

The Brecker Brothers: Funky Sea, Funky Blue by Ken Trethewey, Jazz-Fusion Books (2014) - as approved by Randy Brecker...

Books about Science Faction:

Seven Days for Humanity by Ken Trethewey : His shocking new work. We should all be concerned...

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